Green development
Green Management
Value-creating energy saving management system. All levels of enterprise groups in accordance with the "Run Allianz Group energy conservation management plan" requirements, and actively promote the creation of value has Runly distinctive type of energy saving building management system. By the end of 2015, after a group of employees at all levels of the enterprise and the joint efforts, we have been basically established the value of having Runly distinctive creative energy saving management system and effective operation.

Energy saving and environmental protection advocacy training. All levels of enterprise groups active in energy saving and environmental protection training campaign to raise the level of management at all levels of energy saving management personnel, professional competence and full awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, and actively promote a civilized, conservation, green, low-carbon production and Office mode, changing consumption patterns and habits and eliminate waste.

Environmental charity. Runly to reduce environmental pollution, energy conservation, to carry gift box recycling activities, redemption of gift boxes by small gifts move to encourage people to be redemption, improve resource conservation awareness and environmental awareness of citizens; Runly year insist on carrying out the old material donations and waste recycling activities, recycling old computers, books, clothing, toner cartridges, waste batteries.

Green procurement. Runly establishment of a unified management system vendor, with consideration of social and ethical business behavior selection of suppliers, the energy conservation and environmental protection as an important basis for selecting coal, equipment and materials suppliers. Runly Microelectronics actively promote and guide suppliers ISO14001, QC080000 system certification, require suppliers to strengthen environmental awareness, signed with suppliers' commitment to environmental hazards guarantee "to ensure legal green procurement products.
Green Business
Energy conservation. Group by strengthening energy conservation management, adjusting the industrial structure, eliminate backward production capacity and strong implementation of technological innovation and other measures to ensure that the main energy reduction targets are to maintain a good trend of decline, there is no greater or more environmental pollution incidents.

2015 Runly Group energy conservation performance indicators ☆ coal-powered electricity business rates than in 2012 fell 13.63 grams of standard coal ╱ kwh, down 4.04%;
☆ yuan output value of comprehensive energy consumption fell 4.14 percent in comparable prices than in 2012;
☆ million in operating income at comparable prices overall energy consumption decreased 27.06% over 2012;
☆ yuan added value of comprehensive energy consumption at comparable prices fell 23.02% over 2012;
☆ sulfur dioxide emissions by 15.40% over 2012;
☆ COD emissions reduction of 13.77% over 2012;
☆ total nitrogen oxides emissions by 12.51% over 2012;
☆ total ammonia emissions decrease 23.31% over 2012.

Investment in environmental protection, R & D and innovation. 2015, Runly Group each profit center energy saving funds invested 010 million yuan, the implementation of energy saving technological transformation projects 11.

New project EIA. New levels of enterprise groups, when reconstruction, expansion and technical transformation projects, strict implementation of national industrial policy and energy environmental standards, in accordance with the relevant policies, to carry out environmental impact assessment, energy savings and emission reductions assessment review work; strict implementation environmental protection facilities with the main project must be designed, constructed and put into use the "three simultaneous" provisions; strictly limit the high energy consumption, high emission project and investment projects.

Circular economy and green
Runly Group adhere to project construction and implementation process to maintain the seat of the ecological environment, the protection of habitats in the construction process, the maintenance of biological diversity. Group-owned enterprises to actively carry out ecological restoration and management.

Green Office
All levels of enterprise groups actively promote "green office, low-carbon life" to encourage employees to start from the side of the little things, cherish each unit of electricity, every drop of water, every piece of paper, every piece of office supplies, prevent extravagance and waste, enhance the sense of sense of responsibility and awareness of environmental protection, energy conservation and create a good atmosphere. In terms of green office, at all levels of enterprise groups formed a lot of good practices and experiences.

Responsibility Performance
By 2015, a total of nine inner Runly Group grassroots enterprises issued by all levels of government about energy conservation awards 6 winning amount up to 25 million.

Problems and Solutions
Group pollutant emissions from large coal power, nuclear power and other services of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust, part of the production line can not meet the emissions of nitrogen oxides new national emission standards, strictly control the total discharge of pollutants of various types of target difficult to complete larger. The Group will strictly implement the strategic plan, to prevent the development of high energy consumption, high pollution projects, adhere to reduce the level of energy consumption per unit of output and reduction of pollutant emissions combined, continue to focus on support for new energy, electricity, industrial electronics, energy-saving equipment, etc. business development, and strive to increase the proportion of low-energy business in the Group of scale; to increase capital investment, and actively promote the use of new energy saving technologies, new processes, new products, vigorously implement the energy saving technological transformation, improve energy efficiency, reduce pollutant emission intensity; reasonable regulation of the development of thermal power and other asset-heavy business, to develop wind power, hydropower, solar and other clean energy sources, increase the proportion of clean energy, control the total amount of total energy consumption and pollutant emissions.