Challenges and objectives
With the gradual growth Runly and influence continue to rise, our relationships with our partners to receive more attention, how to be responsible, efficient, win-win strategy to promote cooperation with local governments, enterprises, research institutions, and how the business environment in the case should be further standardized push suppliers, the industry assumed responsibility together, how sincere cooperation with the media, become the major challenges we face. Therefore, we expect to build between the government, enterprises, strategic sharing mechanism between research and collaboration platform, to achieve mutual benefit and common development; by promoting industrial cooperation platform to promote the common development of the industry; by conducting supply chain social liability assessments and surveys, the implementation of responsible procurement and system, and guide the supply chain partners to fulfill their social responsibility, will Runly whole concept of social responsibility and policy extended to the supplier's production and services; active and sincere cooperation with the media through the effective implementation of external communication spread Runly responsible corporate image.

Strategic Cooperation
Sharing mechanism and platform strategy. By 2015, the Group's regional chief improve the working mechanism, inviting domestic and foreign trade delegations study visits Group headquarters, senior leaders visited the States and other industry leaders to continuously enhance strategic cooperation with the industry, to play their respective advantages, resource sharing, common Construction industry economic base.

Business cooperation.Runly As a diversified enterprise, integrating internal resources, based on the resource-rich and other well-known enterprises in the procurement, sales, investment, soft power cooperation, explore new business models and other fields to achieve cooperation.

Cooperative Platform. Runly and subordinate profit centers work with research institutions, industry organizations, and other well-known institutions to expand multi-dimensional, multi-level exchanges and cooperation, the full release of "talent, capital, information, technology" and other innovative elements together to build a scientific research enterprise transformation platform to promote innovation and technological progress.

Industry progress
Runly to promote the development of chain operation in China as its mission to serve as the core members, representing industry interests, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of members, the provision of services to promote enterprise development.

Supply Chain Management
Supply chain social responsibility assessments and surveys. Runly cooperation corporate social responsibility assessment as an important basis for evaluation whether to establish business cooperation. In 2015, the Group actively promote cooperation corporate socially responsible behavior assumed responsibility, combing through focused customer list, we will fulfill the responsibilities of key customers behave as a screening criterion.

Responsible procurement policies, systems. Runly in the procurement process of raw materials, key consideration environmental protection, energy conservation, social benefits and other factors, with the signing of safety and environmental protection provisions of the supplier to carry out energy-saving purchases. 2015 responsible procurement ratio of 86%.

Boot supply chain partners to fulfill their social responsibilities. Through business contacts, and actively promote the enterprise supply chain social responsibility to do their own work, through supplier management and communication, and guide suppliers concerned resource protection, production safety, green procurement, labor protection, law compliance, will promote the responsibility to fulfill all walks of life, to promote partnership and jointly promote the coordinated development of economy, society and the environment.

Media Relations
Runly's main business and public lives, industry wide distribution, the impact was greater, Runly spirit of candid, cooperative and professional thinking efforts to build good media relations, seriously listen to the demands of consumers and all sectors of society through public opinion management; cooperation through the media as much as possible to meet the requirements based on media reports and proposed needs, with an open mind at the same time take the initiative to invite the media into the business, a close understanding of the enterprise; public's impressions Runly corporate image to the outside world through outreach.

Problems and Solutions
Affiliates and partners are complex and intricate. By 2015, the complex situation facing Runly Group and also for communication between partners, common development put forward higher requirements. Therefore, Runly will continue to improve with the local government, the strategic cooperation mechanism between enterprises, promote research cooperation platform, industry innovation cooperation platform; promote Runly concept of social responsibility in the dissemination of the supply chain, marketing and floor, around the value chain to fulfill social responsibility initiative to develop responsible procurement policies and institutions to promote the subordinate enterprises to establish and improve supplier management system, the implementation of vendor rating system assumed responsibility within the Group-wide, the implementation of social responsibility veto system; further strengthen open and transparent, rely on micro-channel microblogging and other new media to carry out external communication, positive interaction with the media; improve co-ordination of the subsidiaries opinion monitoring system and reporting system, the first time to respond to the demands of society. Runly will be a systematic mechanism and innovative communication, sincere and cooperative attitude with our partners to progress.