Challenges and objectives
Runly lives with the public is a diversified enterprise, which involved in the industry is closely related to people's life, providing products and services that affect the vital interests of China more than 80 million users. To this end, the Group focused on enhancing customer satisfaction and safeguard the interests of customers, enhance product quality and safety, to carry out services, enhance independent innovation capability and other key, to improve the weak links, reduce customer complaints, and strive to exceed customer expectations, create value for customers, and to achieve customers and grow together.

Customer Management
Customer relationship management. In 2011, the Group vigorously promote the establishment of a sound profit center customer insight and customer management system, and at group level carried out in order to integrate customer-based customer relationship management planning, and strive to build multi-linkage of customer relationship management system, to a unified brand under the guidance of the members of a unified contact management.

customer satisfaction survey. Since 2012, Runly Group and subordinate profit centers continued to regularly carry out investigations and specific actions to enhance customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and by optimizing the method of investigation, enhanced data analysis capabilities, enhance scientific customer satisfaction surveys and accuracy improve customer service system, improve customer satisfaction.

Protection of customer information. Runly pay full attention to the protection of customer information, relying on the carding process, seize key customer information processing, focusing on prevention, protection initiative.

Handling customer complaints and improved mechanism. Runly positive smooth channels of communication between the customer and the business, and constantly combing complaint processing workflow, implement job responsibilities, promptly and properly resolve customer complaints, the formation of a rapid and effective implementation of customer feedback and improvement mechanisms.

Consumption universal knowledge. Runly and each profit center from the customer perspective, in efforts to provide customers with quality goods and services at the same time, the initiative for the majority of customers and the popularity of consumer safety knowledge, and skills to enhance self-protection awareness of consumers.

Quality improvement
Internal implementation of the whole process of product quality control, establishment of quality risk management and control system. Runly charging platform to develop a rigorous confirmation process OEM factory choose to develop a plant design, process design, hygienic design, equipment configuration, equipment layout and other aspects of the OEM factory specifications ensure that the new OEM factory hardware facilities to meet quality and safety requirements. Runly Group at the end of 2015, has nine subsidiaries profit center through the ISO security management system certification, five passed ISO9001 certification, two by SGS and CE.

Strengthen the management of foreign suppliers, the establishment of quality tracking feedback system. Runly unified bidding mode control product quality and safety risks. Runly EVBC charging system including the establishment of security, reaction monitoring and reporting, security, contingency plans and other control mechanism for handling complaints; formulated the "external quality security information management system", regular attention and collect external power operation quality and safety information.

Innovation and Development
Runly business location in the people's livelihood, with rising customer demand, the company continued to increase investment in research, promote products and services innovation, research and development expenses in 2015 the total amount of more than 060 million yuan; the total number of personnel engaged in scientific and technological activities of the whole group of 32 people, 17 man-made R & D personnel, which have master degrees or above accounted for 21.2%; new patent granted to 97, including patents 45.

Consumer Protection
Runly and its subsidiary companies strictly abide by the "Consumer Protection Law", and serve the vast number of consumers provide the best possible sound and thoughtful pre-sale and after-sales service, consumer rights protection in the most basic right to security, freedom of choice, etc. while actively maintained through various forms of consumer's right to fair trade activities, neighborhoods right to be informed, the right to monitor the right to criticize, so that the interests of consumers are implemented.

Problems and Solutions
The main problem existing in fulfilling customer responsibility is customer-oriented concept at the grassroots level to implement the tip is not enough to protect the interests of customers of consciousness not in place to give the customer service experience deep enough; product quality and safety management system to be improved, customer management system building needs further strengthening; inadequate investment in research and development, product and service innovation capability needs to be strengthened.

To solve these problems, the Group will further strengthen customer management system, and actively respond to complaints, improve customer satisfaction; to safeguard the interests of customers, enhance customer privacy protection from the mechanism, process, to prevent price gouging; accelerate EVBC charging system for quality and safety management system conduct special events services; increase investment in research, carry out product, technology, technology innovation, and enhance the capability of independent innovation.