Employee Care
Challenges and objectives
Runly employees are the most valuable resources and wealth. Runly uphold the people-centered concept, around & quot; enterprise value and employees to maximize the value of & quot; target for employee rights protection work is not the system, occupational health work in place, employee care activities imbalance and other issues, efforts to improve the working environment, promote career development of occupational health, good employee care, the implementation of democratic management. Through these efforts the past year, assumed responsibility for the weak link has improved the protection of the interests of employees to work to achieve the desired results.

Compliance with labor regulations. Runly strict implementation of the enterprise is located on labor and employment laws, rules and regulations, according to sign labor contracts with employees and pay their social insurance; conduct salary survey, standardized compensation management, to achieve a reasonable level employees revenue growth.

Equal Employment. We adhere to the principles of fairness and justice, based on the use of job quality requirements recruiting staff, General business efforts to build a platform for every employee, so that every employee can realize their dreams in life Runly. By the end of 2015, Runly employs approximately 174 people in the post, female workers accounted for 46.8%, 52 new jobs.

Caring female employees. Runly strictly abide by the relevant worker protection laws and regulations, continuous improvement of female employees working environment and working conditions, the implementation of female employees maternity, breastfeeding leave provisions, and we protect female employees and male employees have equal and competitive salaries and benefits to provide equal opportunities for career development.

Democratic management. Runly adhering to and improving workers 'congress as the basic form of democratic management system of enterprises, and effectively protect employees' right to information, participation and supervision. Through the convening of congress, reception day staff, and other forms of rationalization proposals, so that employees understand the development of enterprises, to participate in enterprise management.

Talent development
Runly improve the personnel training system. By promoting advanced leadership development programs, focusing on corporate culture industry leader; carry out the "run of the Road" series of training through Runly University, focusing cultivate the grassroots level management personnel; by holding the "Future Star new employee training camp" for new recruits systematic training; by operating Runly electronics, electrical, power, Landmark, chemicals, new energy, power operation, energy conservation and other eight professional schools, the basic form of key talent development project objectives, functions professionals and industry professional training for the training pattern of the two wings, speed up the training of enterprise personnel.

Runly focus on the common development of enterprises and employees, establishment of employee career management system, implementation of "dual-channel" or "multi-channel" career path, to provide staff with the opportunity to grow and develop channels.

Occupational Health
Runly cherish the lives of employees, we attach great importance to the health of employees, and introduced a series of measures to vigorously promote HSE system, the full protection of employee safety and health.

Occupational Health. Runly strictly abide by "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" and the Regional Occupational Disease Prevention Law Ordinance, development and implementation of "Run the Allianz Group occupational health management system" is committed to employee occupational health care, to avoid or reduce the incidence of occupational diseases. At the same time, regulate and strengthen the labor inspection work environment.

mental health. Runly highly concerned about the mental health of employees, physical and mental harmony, give full play to the advantages of trade union organizations, to carry out employees' psychological health education and counseling activities, focusing on humane care and psychological counseling.

Employee Care
Group and employee-owned enterprises through the establishment of mutual funds, relief funds, care fund, difficult for staff to carry out special family assistance activities for easing the burden on the staff of life. 2015 accumulated 17 employees to help needy people, helping the amount of 300,000 yuan; employees' children to school difficult rescue 8 people, helping to $ 1.1 million; rescue sick employees 9 passengers, helping the amount of 70,000 yuan.

Problems and Solutions
With the rapid development of business, Runly newly acquired businesses and new enterprises in larger quantities since the enterprise management level uneven, resulting in the presence of employee engagement is not high, the problem of high staff turnover rate of individual grassroots team. In this regard, we will strengthen management training, improve the grass-roots enterprises, especially the management of new business mergers and acquisitions and new businesses; in the formulation of the relationship between the vital interests of the staff policy, strengthen communication with staff; constantly improve job analysis methods, reasonable cut divided responsibilities, improve the working environment for employees, to the extent possible and improve the income level of grass-roots workers.