Value Creation
Challenges and objectives
2016 international and domestic situation is complicated, slowing macroeconomic growth, continued tight financing environment. The challenge, Runly around & quot; lean management, multiple synergistic & quot; annual theme, continue to improve corporate governance, deepening the reform of enterprises, business innovation, and promote management to enhance and strengthen risk control, to maintain a good momentum of development, the performance indicators a new record high, stable financial performance health, continue to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, value creation, with remarkable results.

Corporate Governance
Runly from located in Hong Kong, and is a state-owned diversified business enterprises starting characteristics in recent years through active exploration and practice, the establishment of corporate governance model in line with its own characteristics, to achieve corporate governance on the "division of labor is reasonable, effective checks and balances, mutual supervision, scientific decision-making, "the requirement to ensure that directors fulfill the" integrity of the faithful, diligent, prudent decision-making, law-abiding compliance "obligations.

Enterprise Reform
Promoting organizational change. Focusing on sustainable development, launched a matrix management and control model building, optimization of strategic business units and profit centers of a matrix control mode, defines the strategic business units and management of enterprise-level border control duties.

Business integration. 2016, each of the strategic business units around "a strategy, a business model, an organization, a culture," presented by the Group consolidation objectives, increase integration efforts. While promoting business units establish business assets periodic review mechanism.

Deepen personnel, distribution, assessment and reform of the remuneration system. 2016, the Group "to the administration of state-owned enterprises" as the goal, efforts to achieve the employment mechanism and incentive pay market.

Business Innovation
Promote management innovation. 2016, the Group in accordance with the unified arrangements around thirteen thematic management improvement activities undertaken to address a number of long-standing management bottlenecks.

Promote coordinated development. 16 years from a single group synergy projects to point to an area, extended to eight major areas of co-production and finance scale reached 230 million yuan, 400 million yuan of industrial scale collaborative, incremental Jicai scale reached 800 million yuan.

Accelerate technology and product innovation. 2015 Run-linked system of R & D funding 032 million yuan, 26 new patent applications, invention patent applications 55. 2015 to obtain new patents 97.

Management improvement
Lean management to carry out. 2016, in lean planning and design, focus on Lean, Lean qualified personnel, construction support mechanisms, grassroots enterprises & quot; short step action & quot; five aspects focus on work, forming a group-wide, vertical in the end, lateral to the edge of Lean Management atmosphere.

Strengthen auditing and supervision. Annual audit carried out 114 projects, focusing on operations involving management, bidding, construction, salaries and benefits, etc., 228 audit recommendations to promote the system perfect 400, resulting in 120 million yuan of direct economic benefits, accountability related personnel 19 people.

Improve the internal control system. Start "Run Allianz Group Internal Control Manual" preparation. Last year the preparation of the Group's total volumes and 11 volumes of the industry, thereby control interface and clear duties and responsibilities.

Standardized operation and management. 2016 is the largest institution building efforts of the Group of the year. Group of the full system combing process, the Group and enterprises directly under the revised and improved investment, bidding, asset management, rules and regulations 92.

Increasing the value of
Promote business growth. By 2015, major economic indicators hit a record high. Turnover for the year grew 23%, operating profit increased by 38%, gross profit increased 17%, net profit growth of 10%. Total turnover and profit growth continued higher than the industry average.

Problems and Solutions
2015 Allianz Taiwan Run Run Audit conducted an audit of the Allianz Group, pointed out the management of the existing problems, mainly in national economic policy implementation, there is a part of the project is not approved the first building, we have not shipped the first batch, items are not part of the national regulations and approval for asset evaluation, some companies in violation of national public bidding provisions and other issues; internal decision-making and management, there is a significant decision-making process is not standardized, post consumption, investment management, the implementation of the bidding system is not strictly and other issues. Run Allianz Group attaches great importance to improve ideas and measures, carry out integrity education, promoting law-abiding compliance management; further improve accounting and financial management system; mergers and acquisitions to further strengthen investment, bidding and other management work; strengthening post consumption, official car management, strict penalties for violations.

2015 The main problem is the presence of Runly governance, group level ownership structure is more complex, longer chain management, the Group's Board of Directors for further internal division of responsibilities clear; the level of directors of listed companies assumed responsibility for the guidelines are not standardized; the role of a special committee of the Board to be played strengthen the protection of minority shareholders' equity to be improved. Improvement ideas and measures that improve the board internal checks and balances mechanism, improve the meeting management system, strengthen the business leaders at all levels of discipline inspection efforts; deepen sort of equity, company liquidation; perfect directors of listed companies to fulfill responsibilities, minority shareholder rights protection training and education , revised system and supervision and assessment work.