Integrity compliance
Philosophy and commitment
Concept of good faith: Runly "honest and trustworthy" as the company's core values, uphold "honesty is the cornerstone of Runly culture, Runly Founding of the country, is Runly must adhere to the bottom line," the spiritual connotation, the "rules of speaking, walking right way, to tell the truth, do solid work "as a code of conduct culture of integrity, honor its commitment and a consistent, thereby shaping the" reliable employees, social trust, the most assured shareholders "excellent corporate image.

 Compliance philosophy: to build an outstanding reputation in the process, Runly abide by the "law compliance," the belief that managers at all levels requires strict adherence to industry standards, the contract and keep credibility, not bribery, unfair competition, improve the enterprises according to law ability.

Integrity and compliance commitment

Policies and institutions
Punishment and prevention system Main System
"Integrity Manager Handbook"
"Runly Managers Corruption Perceptions Index"
"Runly Ten Commandments"
"Runly Manager Code"
"Runly Group Establishment of a clean credit system (for Trial Implementation)"
"Runly Group Self-discipline conversation system"
"Runly Group Working with integrity commissioner system"

By 2015, the new group in accordance with national laws, regulations and policies, strengthening self-construction sector, promote scientific development, close ties with the masses, to strengthen executive education management, construction and other aspects of value creation based headquarters has developed six new system, revised and improved the 12 system from nine aspects of the establishment of a working system and long-term implementation. Priorities are:

Strengthen the protection of investors' interests policy guidelines. Runly strict compliance with stock market law, regulate the behavior of large shareholders, protect the legitimate rights and interests of minority shareholders and creditors, and improve investor ditch through mechanisms that regulate information disclosure, to create the most shareholder assured corporate image.

Perfect "triple a big" system. Decision-making on major issues, an important appointment and dismissal of executives, major investment decisions, large sums of money (referred to as the "triple a big") were refined workflow, promote enterprise subordinate levels associated with the Group's docking system, to make a scientific decision-making, democratic decision-making and decision-making in accordance with regulations.

Perfection "Run Allianz Group investment management approach." Covering investment decisions, investment consultation system and processes. Expressly unauthorized investment projects before submitting the Group Board for approval, should be subject to consultation with relevant functional departments of the Group. Through investment conferences to strengthen the Group's headquarters for knowledge and understanding of the project, to improve decision-making efficiency, prevent investment risks.

Released new version of "run of the Ten Commandments." "Run of the Ten Commandments" is the constraint manager's power lines, no person shall violate ten kinds of behavior are strictly prohibited, regardless of the extent of losses otherwise caused by acts, regardless of their past achievements, they will be summarily dismissed. 2015 version of "run of the Ten Commandments," added "to accept or ask for kickbacks, improper gifts and other commercial bribery" and other terms, such acts are strictly prohibited, violators immediately dismissed, and strictly held responsible.

Mechanism of Action
Follow-up mechanism. Integrity and compliance monitoring system construction Runly by the prevention, surveillance and response to three aspects of the composition.

Integrity and compliance monitoring system

Runly charge cloud service to establish a good faith compliance management system, the integrity of the President of the Board of Directors of the Company Compliance Management Committee, consists of office, he served as general manager of the Office of the Board of integrity Compliance Office; ten of the largest area and the member companies have set up integrity and compliance management committee, director, general manager or by the large member companies of the Committee general manager.

Sunshine declaration. Group clearly requires subordinate units in the third-party economic cooperation agreement signed honest, Runly to all suppliers, partners can not be declared by improper means and Runly business cooperation and public commitment: do not accept supply suppliers for gifts, valuables and unfair dinner; not fraud or vendor-specific settings exclusivity clauses seek winning; do not hide bad information supplier, the supplier does not cover acts of violation of terms of the contract; not using his position for himself and his relatives and friends for personal gain and so on.

Efficiency Supervision. Including aspects of the four winds evaluation, a big triple, and other compliance review. Runly operating norms advertising management, Runly charge cloud services will be included in good faith compliance manager assessment.