Liability Management
Organizations and Institutions
Runly Social Responsibility Matrix Management system set up in accordance with the requirements. Group decision-making governing body is the social responsibility of the corporate culture and social responsibility of the Steering Committee, the Office of the Board of Directors is in charge of departments, ministries chamber is a group of social responsibility and promote the implementation of the regulatory authorities. Each strategic business unit Group, a profit center with the functions of the room functions of the Group headquarters docking, work instructions and accept the group to perform the appraisal of social responsibility. Through sound organizational system, a clear leadership responsibility, centralized management, clearly defined responsibilities, detailed implementation of the objectives and optimize operational procedures.

 By 2015, the Group of the Ministry of room completed nearly 20 important system and process new or revised. These systems introduced Group Board of Directors on corporate culture and social responsibility of the latest ideas and requirements, promoting responsibility practice played a positive role.

Working Mechanism
Explore with Runly characteristics of social responsibility management. Butt concept of corporate culture of social responsibility issues and key performance indicators, social responsibility and long-term plans to obey and serve the Group's development strategy, based on social responsibility and long-term planning, management responsibilities focused annual theme, each unit into the work plan. In 2015, it defined the system by building, organizational management, communication to promote, practice landing, evaluation, optimization and upgrading six links, to facilitate the work mechanism strategy, culture and social responsibility integration, build long-term mechanism to achieve optimization and upgrading.

 Statistics established internet. Runly social responsibility promulgated statistical key performance indicators, covering 18 core indicators Runly concern six areas of social responsibility. Requiring departments to identify key performance of its duties room regulatory responsibility to establish statistical indicators internet. Strategic business unit, a profit center based on statistical indicators, the establishment of the Group of the docking platform statistical reporting system, to enhance the implementation of the key issues, assumed responsibility for the effectiveness of the inclusion of the business plan evaluation and examination content.

Responsibility appraised
2015, Runly Group and its subsidiaries to obtain various types of Awards 29, relates to operating results, the scale of strength, R & D, product innovation, brand image, investor relations, business integrity, product quality, safety, employee care, environmental protection , social welfare and so on. Which won the national ministries, international rating agencies, industry associations and authoritative media award honors and awards 17.