Concept of responsibility
Runly social responsibility guidelines to follow Runly cultural ideas, Runly social responsibility mission, vision and ideas, highly consistent with the mission, vision and values Runly corporate culture. Compliance is Runly integrity corporate culture core values, leading Runly social responsibility practice directions. Runly also proposed to fulfill economic responsibility, responsibility for a series of cultural ideas staff responsibility, customer responsibility, partnership liability, public liability, environmental responsibility, social responsibility to guide the practice.
CSR mission
To create a better life
CSR Vision
The pursuit of excellence development, and strive to create a "trust of investors, employees love, respect for the community, the public praise" excellent corporate image, the Runly building a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness and to achieve beyond the pursuit of profit above.
Economic responsibility concept
Adhere to performance-oriented, the pursuit of balanced, comprehensive, high-quality performance;
Performance is Runly selection, employment, basic criteria for evaluating people, inspire people;
Performance is not hard to compromise, do not compromise the values of the performance.

Customer concept of responsibility
Carefully safeguard the interests of customers and consumers, adherence to business ethics and conduct of fair competition, and strive to provide more quality, more environmentally friendly, more humane products and services that exceed the expectations of users, customers and sincere cooperation, for customers to create value, growing together with customers.
The concept of public responsibility
Grateful hearts, trying to contribute to the community.
Employee Responsibilities Concept
To create "simple, honest, sunshine" organizational culture;
For managers to be strict, the staff to be good;
Respect for human values, development of human potential, the sublimation of the human mind, to protect the interests of employees, to maximize corporate value and employee value.
Supply chain concept of responsibility
Partners work together to mutual benefit and common development, win-win cooperation.
Environmental Responsibility Concept
Not to the expense of the environment to seek business development, not long-term interest expense of the environment in exchange for short-term efficiency of enterprises;
Not at the expense of health and lives of citizens to reap profits without conscience, not to damage the brand at the expense of businesses seeking short but brilliant.