Research and Development
Under the guidance of wireless application technology department and electronic equipment sector, Runly highly skilled R & D Commissioner and global colleagues to continue to promote and expand our cross-functional technology platform. Commissioner Runly development of components and products according to your design challenges encountered in the formation of your team to work together. They have electronics engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, physics, materials science and computer modeling expertise. This experience has deep roots, and extends to all types of chargers, power supply and power management devices and other applications. Commissioner Runly research in new product development and explore research is very active. They are regulars variety of science, education, industry groups and forums.

• We have the ability to become widely used in ultrasonic welding product development concept "toolbox."
• Our electric control laboratory testing allows our engineers to fully demonstrate the performance characteristics of the product in the design phase.

• CAD and 3D modeling capabilities to support product from idea to enter the fast-moving market implementation.
• Extensive modeling and finite element analysis (FEA) tools and precision measurement capabilities.

• In Illinois Itasca (Itasca) quickly build prototypes, to support the development and application engineering to efficiently evaluate and refine new product ideas.
• small-scale laser cutting and welding technology and Runly micro assembly capability combined.
• precision assembly is one of our core competencies.

• RFI testing capabilities to ensure robust design.
• Laser measurement systems to ensure accuracy over 0.0001. "
• Scanning electron microscope (SEM) provides advanced defect and failure analysis.
• Cloud-oriented data flow control technology.