Sincerely welcome you with us to discuss the project. We will help you to choose components to meet your specific application configuration and performance requirements, or for you to tailor the most appropriate solution.
Industrial Electronics
For portable electronic devices, our balanced charging technology can be customized to create a unique charging performance for your products and brands. By product design, the exact power feature that allows electric cars, electric bicycles, mobile phones and other products to get better applications.
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Electric pile cloud services
Runly cloud charging technology is based on balanced charging technology Internet data in wireless application technology today, we offer wireless charging reservation service, wireless payment services, charging map navigation services, billing services, charging technology platform. Solve the door mobile consumer devices charging intelligent power solutions.
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Power equipment & components
In the field of power plants, our proven BA technology allows you to design a compact assembly with high pressure high temperature. The technology has wide adaptability, to meet the performance requirements of the particular station device applications.
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Product parts & accessories
Welcome you to consult together to buy our accessories, accessories, Runly change from product upgrades and development of better equipment component design began to start, our panel components and adoption of international standards of protection and care and other compact design provide you with high quality products and services. We can work with you to make more contribution to energy saving.
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