Power equipment & components
In the field of power plants, our proven BA technology allows you to design a compact assembly with high pressure high temperature. The technology has wide adaptability, to meet the performance requirements of the particular station device applications.
Radiation sampler
As the old Chinese power equipment manufacturers in the 1990s, nuclear radiation sampling devices Suzhou Tianxiang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. to process and improve the quality of high-precision technology to contribute to China's nuclear industry, China Tianxiang Power is supporting the well-known early nuclear industry supply providers.
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Power Plants dosing device
Today, Tianxiang Power plant dosing device has been applied in 80% of China's power plants, Tianxiang Power is the leading supplier of equipment dosing device. Tianxiang power company can help you solve technical application solutions for all dosing devices.
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Industrial fastening assembly
HENFAST ™ provides American Standard, the German standard, GB, ISO, JIS and other standard parts. We are committed to providing high-quality low-cost fasteners and efficient logistics solutions for engineering, electronics, automotive, metal, construction, wood and furniture industry. Our catalog has 25000-30000 kinds of parts to choose from, and 95% have been domestically. Our products are not only standard parts, but also according to customer requirements customized parts.
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Industrial valve assembly
Star cattle brand high temperature and pressure valve assembly is run under the banner of the Allianz Group a high-end brand of industrial accessories. Our valves are currently 70% of Chinese market share of sales. Nuclear power plants, thermal power station and water treatment business major suppliers.
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