Product parts & accessories
Welcome you to consult together to buy our accessories, accessories, Runly change from product upgrades and development of better equipment component design began to start, our panel components and adoption of international standards of protection and care and other compact design provide you with high quality products and services. We can work with you to make more contribution to energy saving.
Card dispenser
Card dispenser card issuing management system mainly by the management computer, consumer machines, non-contact IC card, authorization card issuance systems, systems management software and other peripherals and other components. Support IC card, using the most advanced radio frequency identification technology, the only good card, encryption performance, long life and other characteristics. Based Runly the EVBC platform Runly enjoy more preferential policies.
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IC card
• IC card chip and antenna from the MIM with PVC package forming, no contact with the surface.
• Built-in EEPROM for data storage
• encryption system in line with IC card three mutual calibration standards
• Card Type: MIRERE series
• Chip Origin: Netherlands / Philips
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Integrated panel module
Our new integrated panel module via an integrated button, battery door, programming area and DC modules, simplifying the production and maintenance. Component assembly firm, using only a single removal tool can be easily removed from the panel. We support a variety of ITE and BTE designed to provide 3 or 4 terminal programming versions sheath designed to protect the battery, support the generic or industry standard battery door and offers custom printed circuit board (PCB) design.
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Runly of EVBC software system is based on Win / IOS / OS X / Android development foreground and background data applications. Currently the use of various services can be used to charge the consumer EVBC systems, map navigation, billing, appointments, parking, car repair, police and so on, for EVBC membership user, Runly unique integration policy Runly lets you enjoy all benefits and free services .
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Runly connector for the full realization of market competition, market-oriented independent management. Runly connectors supplied to the United States, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, Runly connector includes a signal transmission speed and digital, all kinds of signal transmission integration, product size miniaturization, miniaturization, product cost reduction, contacts termination method table paste-based, module combination, the convenience of plug high-quality products.
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Custom Design Services
• The new SMT socket compatible with existing socket cover design, can be encapsulated coil for lifting and installation.
• provide specific labels for all cable products.
• provide custom cable for the development of advanced non-traditional applications specially designed interfaces
Runly offers a variety of solutions for PCB attachment interface products and industrial equipment, and specially designed remote devices. Specially designed cable can be designed to fit a standard or unique interfaces, including SMT Interface style.
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