Industrial Electronics
For portable electronic devices, our balanced charging technology can be customized to create a unique charging performance for your products and brands. By product design, the exact power feature that allows electric cars, electric bicycles, mobile phones and other products to get better applications.
Power Manager
Intelligent Power Manager battery bike EVBC based technology platform, is specifically designed for the Chinese and Asian markets a smart power products, it is for high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, employees bike battery charging users with the perfect solution to charging and security management Program. Today, we have been serving Chinese mainland has 277 commercial real estate companies and government enterprises, covering 1215 communities street. Serving more than 80 million users owners. Currently, Runly supply manager and application of technology has been covering real estate, agriculture, industry, transportation, communications, mining, defense and financial industries, and has been widely used.
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Electric car charger
Today, for clean energy is applied to expand, Runly the vehicle charging applications and charging equipment change from product upgrades and development of better equipment component design began to start, our panel components and adoption of international standards of protection and maintenance, etc. compact design to provide you with high-quality products and services. We can work with you in the new field of energy saving and environmental protection to contribute more.
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Focus on mobile phone charger

Today, with the global development of mobile electronic equipment, consumer electronics, mobile charging devices have a higher demand for, Runly phone charger in the world concentrated to give wide range of applications, it is designed for charging mobile consumer electronics market, the design of a charge products, currently, Runly centralized phone chargers and application of technology has been covering the commercial, manufacturing, media, transportation, communications, finance and other industries, and are widely used.

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Self-queuing system
At present, the development of scientific and technological progress, the development of self-service terminals have more areas of industrial applications, Runly buffet ACD systems, finance, transportation and commercial areas of global service industry has been wide range of applications.
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