Charging Cloud Affiliate
Runly driven by innovation, environmental protection as the goal, stick with customers' brand to create, benefit-sharing "win-win strategy of joining cooperation. With the network application Runly EVBC platform. Together we committed to environmental protection enterprises and individuals to create a better future. Runly has always insisted on compliance with openness, cooperation, sharing, win-win cooperation to join the criteria to achieve satisfactory win-win model.  
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EV-EB-EM Affiliate
EV-EB-EM Affiliate
• Join conditions 1: currently only supports the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises.
• Join conditions 2: have legitimate business qualification certificate.
• Join conditions 3: have a sound management and operations team and site resources.
• Join conditions 4: equipment failure with efficient after-sales service team.
• Join conditions 5: Follow EVBC rule that denies all unethical business practices.