Charging network
Map Network maps navigation application EVBC platform can provide a variety of charging equipment location nearest charging service for our customers. Currently, our platform has been established to provide services to 1.3 million subscribers. You can also work together to participate in sharing your charging device has been installed, we want you to join EVBC internet. Together we charge users.  
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EVBC-Map Application
EVBC-Map Application
• Applicant Condition 1: has China, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises and individual support.
• Applicant Condition 2: with the right operational places and conditions of service.
• The applicant Condition 3: regulatory equipment have improved care and management conditions.
• Applicant Condition 4: After the device has revoked effective feedback and inform EVBC obligations.
• Applicant Condition 5: follow the laws and regulations, refuse to false labeling behavior.