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Situation charging facilities downstream of new energy automotive industry chain analysis

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Situation charging facilities downstream of new energy automotive industry chain analysis

Charging facilities size

Investment Advisor in "2016--2020 China's new energy automotive industry chain depth research and investment forecast report" pointed out that "five", China charging infrastructure development breakthrough has accumulated experience for further development Foundation.

Facilities steadily. In order to implement the country's new energy vehicle demonstration and extension work on the application requirements, all levels of government and relevant enterprises to actively carry out the charging infrastructure. The main building diversified development trend, in addition to some large central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises have gradually involved in the construction of charging infrastructure. By the end of 2014, China had built filling station 780, AC and DC charging pile 31000, for the more than 120,000 electric vehicles charging for electric service.

Charging network gradually formed. Combined with the new energy vehicle demonstration, in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hefei and other places have built large-scale urban charging service network in the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Soviet area has initially built intercity charging service network in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao, the Green Bank Expressway provinces along has been basically completed charging service network.

Technology has improved continuously. AC and DC charging pile, two-way charge and discharge motor, battery and other equipment quick-change system has been achieved domestically, wireless charging, charging and other new mobile charging technology has been pilot operation; charging infrastructure monitoring, metering, billing and protection technology matures ; information technology and automation level of charging infrastructure continues to improve; charging infrastructure and technology to new energy, smart grid and intelligent transport pilot has been applied.

Standard gradually improved. China has basically established charging infrastructure standards, including terminology, battery boxes, charging systems and equipment, charging for electric interfaces for power systems and equipment, charge / change station and service network construction and operation of additional equipment 8 parts, about 60 standards in the international standard setting influence gradually increased.

Support policies have been introduced. The state has increased infrastructure charging policy support, issued the "State Council on Accelerating the guidance of new energy vehicles to promote the application" (Guo Ban Fa [2014] No. 35), the relevant departments will promptly formulate supporting policies have been the introduction of charging prices, fiscal incentives and other documents, other policies will be released. Some provinces and local governments have also introduced supporting policies charging infrastructure subsidies, charging service guide price.

Charging facilities subject

Investment Advisor in "2016--2020 China's new energy automotive industry chain depth research and investment forecast report" pointed out that China's current charging station market by several large industrial-strength enterprise involved and developed first, with power transmission and distribution grid companies began to self-built advantages of its own large charging stations; oil giant has a network advantage, use of existing refueling stations, turned into a comprehensive service station refueling charge, and planned to be a comprehensive business model extended to all regions of the country; control of land resources covering large real estate developers also use the advantages of cooperation with the power companies, to carry out the charging pile layout. At present, four major carriers have become the new energy vehicle charging station invested army, guide the rapid development of charging stations industry. With 2013 charging station market liberalization policy, the gradual opening of the national grid charging station and charge pile market operations, charging station and charging pile market will be more market-oriented, to enter the US electric car giant Tesla also will activate domestic charging stations market.

Grid Corporation: exploration and development targeting Layout Key

China's power grid and power transmission and distribution company has the advantage of an early start to work on a pilot charging station market. State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, as the two groups in the country have the first-mover advantage in the construction of charging stations, on industry standards, there are some advantages. Under the new energy vehicles need to pull policy background, policy support will be an important impetus for the decision of new energy vehicles and related industries, with the advantages of policy support grid Group will be the two main charging station industry competition. However, after several years of exploration operations, 2014, China Southern Power Grid's investment program is no longer include investment in electric vehicle charging station, which means that China Southern Power Grid will quit charging stations competitive market, only as a charging station market electricity provider. Re-establishing the national grid charging based model, enabling correction redirection, also in line with the main trends in the current international.

Energy: to become an integrated energy supply base

For Sinopec and other energy companies, fast direct charge of security control with a congenital deficiency of power, with the power companies must cooperate in order to successfully complete the construction of charging stations, and its development and profitability will inevitably be subject to the upstream electricity supplier. But with its original gas station network layout advantage in fast charging stations set up near the power supply system, an empirical test "service charge" is the future commercialization of electric vehicles to achieve real explorers, by way of a total station, the future gas station converted to a comprehensive energy supply base can be integrated conventional vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles to power, the next charging station is the main market operators.

In the operating mode, energy companies will cooperate with each other grid companies, energy companies is the biggest advantage of eliminating the trouble enclosure layout, but also in terms of the relevant downstream market channels, services and other more mature, but the biggest advantage is the Power Grid Corporation control of the power grid, which is the energy enterprises to build charging stations indispensable. According to statistics, in 2011, Sinopec in Beijing, Shenzhen and construction of two charging stations in Shanghai, Anhui have six demonstration stations, mainly gas station with integrated charging station. As of 2013, Sinopec in Shanghai, Wuhan, Henan, launched a web-based gas station about 500 charging pile, above the existing gas station network coverage area also exceeded the three stations of the total holdings of 3%.

Commercial real estate: joint electric vehicle charging enterprises to enter the market

BYD has made all of its property Vanke support the installation of individual charge pile license, and is trying to cooperate with Wanda, Hengda Real Estate to build these large commercial charge pile. BMW and Wanda, Vanke to achieve cooperation.

Our large-scale real estate and commercial real estate business, has an area of ​​advantage, whether it is the power company or petrochemical companies need to cooperate with landowners for construction. Developers in their projects and the construction of power grid charging pile layout, its relatively low cost, and can add value to development projects for enterprises subsequent sustained profitability. Therefore, in the residential, commercial area and parking charging station and charge pile construction market, large-scale real estate will have a place. In the district, business district and the construction of charging stations and parking charging pile body will be real estate companies, power grid construction Group will provide power resources as partners.

Private and foreign capital: to promote a new pattern of industrial competitiveness

2014 National Grid announced the charge pile construction will be the introduction of private capital, China Southern Power Grid's investment program will no longer contain investments in electric vehicle charging stations. Private sector capital investment in the charging station, power grid companies will largely ease pressure on investment, while accelerating the development of charging stations industry through the integration of social capital and resources. In 2014, BYD joint CSM jointly establish a new energy electric vehicle industry equity investment, fund core operations and to invest in electric taxi charging pile, charging stations and integrated service member, the fund is expected to invest about 200 billion yuan space. Involvement of private capital will increase efforts in building industrial competitiveness and viability of electric vehicle charging stations in the field of reform for grid companies charge for construction and operation of power plants play a catalytic role model.

Charging facilities goal

"Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Guidelines (2015-2020)" proposed, according to the demand forecast, moderate advance in accordance with the principles of clear charging infrastructure targets. By 2020, the new centralized filling station more than 12,000, distributed over 4.8 million charge pile, in order to meet the country's 500 million electric vehicle charging needs.

Priority construction of public bus services, rental and sanitation and logistics charging infrastructure, adding more than 3850 bus filling station, the taxi filling station 2500, 2450 sanitation, logistics and other special vehicle charging stations.

Actively promote public and private passenger car users to combine residential units and parking spaces with the construction of charging pile, adding more than 4.3 million user-specific charging pile, charging to meet the basic needs. Encourage qualified facilities open to the public.

The rational distribution of public parking public charging infrastructure, in accordance with the principle of moderate advance, adding more than 2400 city public charging stations and distributed 500,000 public charging post to meet the temporary needs fill power.

Binding backbone highway network, inter-city building "four vertical and four horizontal" fast charge network, adding more than 800 inter-city fast charging stations to meet the intercity travel needs.