Our goal is to help you achieve your vision of the most cost-effective, market-leading product design possible. We fully understand that the beginning of your application challenges. Together, through a highly collaborative team process, we use Runly company’s R & D and technology platform to achieve the design, development and manufacture of components of the solution, as long as you need.
Technology Platform
Continuous development and bonded to each others technology platform for Runly charger and electronic equipment sector product design department can solve your challenges. Every day we are in the laboratory a new discovery, and the market leader in collaboration and gain new knowledge about users’ needs and the pursuit of product, so we can always continue to introduce newer, higher density designs and more cost-effective production.
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Research and Development
Under the guidance of wireless application technology department and electronic equipment sector, Runly highly skilled R & D Commissioner and global colleagues to continue to promote and expand our cross-functional technology platform. Commissioner Runly development of components and products according to your design challenges encountered in the formation of your team to work together. They have electronics engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, physics, materials science and computer modeling expertise. This experience has deep roots, and extends to all types of chargers, power supply and power management devices and other applications. Commissioner Runly research in new product development and explore research is very active.
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