Runly Today's honor is for all employees to Runly tenacity and innovative spirit of enterprise development will become the new power and energy industry in advanced industries, is a combination of well-known self-service terminal power technology research and production base. Recalling Runly development process, from the hard work, to the current place in the same industry, Runly sincere thanks to the loving care of leaders at all levels, widespread community support and the joint efforts of all staff.
The face of global economic integration brought about by competitive pressures, in the face of new opportunities and new challenges, Runly will give full play to their strengths, the joint forces of all sectors of society to absorb advanced technology and experience through continuous innovation breakthrough, further enhance the company's core competitiveness. Runly all employees will, as always, adhere to the "promotion of green business, casting a century run of" business purpose, "Whether we go is a big or a small step, always driven by the pace of the world," the spirit of philosophy, a more high-spirited fight, fighting marine market economy, the Runly the enterprise to the wider world, the global green energy and make greater contributions!